Bill Lobchuk's Bio

Bill Lobchuk was born in Neepawa, Manitoba in 1942. After receiving a Diploma of Art from the University of Manitoba in 1966, he opened the Screen Shop at 50 Princess Street in Winnipeg in 1968. In 1973, with partner Len Anthony, he formed the Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop which became a focal point for artists like Robert Archabeau, Victor Cicansky, Joe Fafard, Don Proch, Tony Tascona, David Thauberger and Russ Yuristy.

Lobchuk and other artists printing at the GWC Screen Shop created two significant co-operative projects: The Great Western Canadian Series ’78 and Series ’80 which received much acclaim in Canada. Numerous works from the screen shop have been exhibited in Poland, Yugoslavia, Holland, Norway and Japan.

As the only western screen shop, Lobchuk and the Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop have been integral to promoting the serigraph in the prairies. The artist himself has devoted much time and his considerable energies to promoting the cause of visual art throughout Canada. Together they have contributed much to the Canadian art world.