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Russell Yuristy LXXX

Celebrating his 80th birthday this spring with his exhibition LXXX, Russell Yuristy continues his active career and his ever expanding art practice. Featuring a variety of work, new and iconic, this exhibition highlights his strong aesthetic and remind us of his tender and impassioned approach to depicting nature.
Yuristy uses varied methods and mediums to create artwork which exudes a rawness informed by his Prairie farm upbringing. His connection to and understanding of our natural world has resulted in an aesthetic that is as organic and informal as his subject matter. Rendering flora and fauna through wood blocked inks or bold strokes of pastels Yursity’s artwork is teeming with pure creative impulses. As he digs deep into his composition to draw out the image within, often using sharp tools and paper cutouts, the depth and dimension achieved effects in an invitation to enter the milieu he’s created. Abstracted, informal and instinctive,Yuristy’s art work reflects his approach to art making and mirrors his enthusiasm and desire to share the beauty of our agrarian environment.