Greg Allen Biography

Greg Allen, born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1982, works in a variance of mediums: graphite, coloured pencil, pen & ink as well as acrylic painting embedded in resin. Greg has studied drawing and sculpture at the University of Regina, but tailored his love for painting through self taught exploration and local classes. His body of work explores natural and supernatural themes with attention to precise detail whatever the subject may be. 

Greg’s first solo show “Mycelium Matrix” (2016), depicted his interest in the world of fungi and the role they play on Earth in both past and present in keenly detailed acrylic works. Three works from this series are on tour across Saskatchewan until 2020 through the Arts on the Move Program by OSAC in a group exhibition “Chaos, Flow, Meander”. Works from his series “Supernatural Sasquatch” (2017) depict the weirder side of Sasquatch legend and lore and were featured on CBC Television.  Greg took part in the 2016/17 CARFAC mentorship program and has finished a summer residency at the University of Regina.  During his residency he explored different methods with acrylics, resin and wood working. His explorations within these two programs will segue into a new series of paintings to add to his growing body of work. 

Greg continues his studio practice in Regina, Saskatchewan.