Marc Courtemanche's Bio

Marc Courtemanche was born 1971 in Sudbury, Ontario and grew up in the countryside of Val Caron. At a young age his father recognized his ability to work three-dimensionally and introduced him to woodworking which became very important to his career as a sculptor.

Courtemanche graduated with a diploma from Cambrian College in 1998 and decided to continue his education. He went to NASCADearning a BFA in1999 but felt confused as to what his role was as a sculptor. This question continued to linger until after he entered into the MFA program at the University of Regina in 2001. There he discovered answers to his art practice with the help from the professors of the Visual Arts department.

Currently, based in Quebec, Courtemanche is continuing to work on creating innovative uses for varying materials. His unique approach to his practice has allowed him to explore traditional craft techniques while pushing the concepts of art making.